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I spearheaded the visual identity and brand photography for Butteria, a premium nut and seed butter producer, aiming to craft an enticing brand narrative that sparks appetite while promoting healthy, delicious butters. Our focus was on capturing intricate details: the luscious layers of butter, the freshness of nutty textures, and the appeal of wholesome snacks. These photos were meticulously crafted with strategic lighting to accentuate textures and colors, creating visually appetizing imagery.

The new visual identity and brand photos made a profound impact on the target audience, leaving a lasting impression of quality and taste. Butteria’s products gained recognition for their refined and attractive packaging, and the brand photos further solidified the perception of high quality. This case exemplifies the influence of a well-executed visual identity and brand photography in establishing a brand as synonymous with sophistication and superior taste.


“A wonderful experience, indeed. She revived our business with rebranding, photography instructions and other useful tips. We got much more than we expected.” – Hamida