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Dijana Duvnjak

Dijana Duvnjak

Communication Skills Coach


Philosophy behind her work is simple – communication is mankind’s most valuable skill and the people who shape it are what matters. Her vision is a world where communication is not being taken for granted, with a mission of helping people understand each other (better). 

The images I created for Diana aren’t just photographs; they are a tangible embodiment of her coaching work. They serve as a visual narrative that resonates, lingers, and leaves a lasting imprint on those who encounter it. The idea was to step into the heart of her coaching world—where workshops come alive in her warm, inviting working space. These images capture the essence of her everyday working environment.


“Such a joy working with a top notch professional like Ana! I felt relaxed in no time; I enjoyed total freedom in my movement while she took care of chasing all the moments she needed for amazing photos. With Ana, I got myself a fun session for a day and a friend for life.” –Dijana