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MOA baggek

MOA baggek

Being a graphic designer and a photographer, I channel my creativity into the MOA baggeek brand, where I craft lines of bags and dresses. Driven by a desire to blend function and aesthetics, I play with simple forms and materials to produce minimalistic designs.

I went beyond the tangible -creating entire collections that tell stories. I’ve woven a visual identity that resonates, created etiquettes and designed packaging that is more than just parcels—it’s a gateway to an experience and the brand story. Every product and brand photo is deliberately out of frame, capturing not just the essence of the bags and dresses but the spirit of MOA baggeek. In my lens, each stitch and fold becomes a visual narrative, inviting you to feel the experience of its design.

For all the geeks out there, MOA baggeek goes beyond fashion – it’s a testament to thoughtful design, sustainable practices, and the emotional resonance embedded in each handmade piece.



“The worst thing is to be your own client!” 🙂 – Anna