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Sarajevo Photography Festival

Sarajevo Photography Festival

Sarajevo Photography Festival is currently one of the biggest photo festivals in the Adriatic region and at its start I was asked to create its visual identity. Inspired by the captivating visual poetry of stained glass windows in the Town Hall in Sarajevo, I crafted a dynamic logo that pays homage to their geometric elegance and incorporates a stylized camera shutter. The color palette, ranging from warm yellow to deep purple, strategically represents various photographic genres featured in the festival’s competition categories. These colors mimic the hues of stained glass windows, simulating light rays passing through a lens, evoking a play of light and emotions reminiscent of the Town Hall’s atmosphere.

The dynamic visual concept, encapsulated in a simple square shape, was successfully implemented, resulting in a robust and easily recognizable visual identity for SPF. The festival garnered global attention from photographic artists and established a visual connection with the cultural heritage of the Town Hall. This case exemplifies the seamless fusion of artistic heritage with modern design, creating an identity that authentically mirrors the festival’s essence and invites spectators to immerse themselves in the visual splendor of the event.