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Sherbetlook, a natural juice brand, embarked on a mission to establish a compelling visual identity, showcasing their dedication to natural ingredients, particularly lavender, while evoking a sense of freshness and authenticity for consumers. Meticulously planned photos captured the beauty of lavender fields, the juice production process, and the sheer delight of savoring a fresh beverage. The integration of a new visual identity and brand photos catapulted Sherbetlook into a prominent position within the natural juice market.

Consumers responded positively to the brand’s aesthetics, highlighting the feelings of tranquility and freshness reminiscent of a nature-inspired experience. This translated into tangible results for Sherbetlook, with increased sales, particularly in the juice category. The brand’s activities on social networks, complemented by high-quality visuals, contributed to heightened engagement and the formation of a vibrant community around the brand. Sherbetlook successfully communicated its passion for natural ingredients, and the visual identity played a pivotal role in resonating with consumers and achieving notable market growth.


“We had a meeting with Ana to see if she could give us advice on what we need to fix in order for customers to recognize us. 5 years later, Ana is still working on our labels and marketing materials. Should we say we clicked on the first date?”  – Nejra