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For revamping the identity of Bonjour.ba, a lifestyle magazine, I focused on creating a distinctive and versatile brand image that mirrors the diversity and vibrancy of their content. The challenge was to craft a logo that seamlessly transforms, remains recognizable, and adapts effortlessly to various media. Introducing a serif font for a touch of sophistication, the centerpiece of the design is the pink dot. This not only establishes a recognizable visual identity but also signifies vitality, connection, and the diverse spectrum of lifestyle content.

The logo’s recognizability, coupled with the enduring pink dot trademark, reinforces Bonjour.ba’s identity and the richness of lifestyle content it offers. This transformation has played a pivotal role in establishing Bonjour.ba as a leader in lifestyle journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This case underscores the influential role of design in shaping brands that are contemporary, adaptable, and instantly recognizable.