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Skinematic, a natural cosmetics brand, underwent a successful visual identity transformation to align with its commitment to natural ingredients, environmental sustainability, and personalized user experience. The new identity, inspired by nature, features a carefully selected color palette that embodies the purity of natural ingredients. The creation of a distinctive logo and labels laid the foundation, followed by meticulously planned photos that emotionally connect with users. Detailed images of products, the production process, and sensory representations formed a compelling visual narrative, fostering authenticity and familiarity.

The implemented visual identity and brand photos resulted in increased market recognition for Skinemaitc within the natural cosmetics industry. Positive user responses highlighted the brand’s authenticity and clear messaging, creating a connection to nature and reinforcing the product’s high quality. The surge in social media engagement and the influx of new customers serve as clear indicators of the successful revitalization of Skinematic’s visual identity, effectively resonating with its target audience.


“Ana is ultra creative, talented, fast and very dedicated to what she creates! I always learn something new after talking to her. I am inspired by her creativity, work ethic and organization! ❤️”  – Anesa