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I curated product and lifestyle photography for WagaWood, a contemporary wooden board brand, aiming to narrate the distinctive story of its products through both product and lifestyle imagery. The objective was to create the meticulous craftsmanship of wooden planks while instilling a sense of authenticity and durability. Product photos zoom in on intricate details: the wood texture, unique patterns, and refined finishing touches. Lifestyle photos showcase the boards in real-life scenarios, whether it’s food preparation or an elegant table setting. The lighting is tailored to highlight the warmth and natural tones of the wood.

The integration of these product and lifestyle photos into WagaWood’s visual identity left a lasting impression of top-notch quality and aesthetic appeal. Consumers not only saw the final product but also glimpsed the story and effort invested in crafting each board. This case underscores the impactful role of well-executed visuals in conveying a brand’s commitment to quality, authenticity, and the craftsmanship behind its products.